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Deviant addiction

2010-05-28 20:34:25 by Hatsu

well, I´ve been entering and getting more entertained on Deviant lately
I still love Newgrounds, but I´m getting addicted to Deviant
I´ve meet a lot of friends there :D
I still enter to NG, but I think NG is more for Flash animation, and I still can get in any of the animations I´ve planned
maybe later
until then, please visit my Deviant: http://5d-ray.deviantart.com/

see ya, and take care n_n


2010-05-22 15:59:46 by Hatsu

I´m just bored
Just letting you know I have a Deviant account
see ya

I was robed... again!!

2010-05-16 00:13:05 by Hatsu

yeah, again
Me and a friend where walking to our houses when we saw that the girl I ''love'' was in a bench waiting her mom (as always) and we decided to wait with her... to not leave her alone... I have my reasons, ok?
when suddendly came two guys in bicycles who ask us what time was it
all we told them that we didn´t know (we DO know, but it was too obvious)
well, to not make it longer, they took her cel phone and also took mine
I was really angry, but now in the only thing I think is in her expression when all the thing ended up
she was shocked
well... I think it´s all
I´ll post something more later
please tell me if I should make a Deviant art account, I can´t decide
see ya, and take care

I finally did a DeviantART account
I still don´t understand a lot of things, but the time will teach me :3

The Jutsu-Me it´s over :(

2010-05-12 21:59:29 by Hatsu

Well, it was a wonderful and super funny weekend, the Jutsu-Me con was totally awesome
but it came monday and with monday came the school
Monday isn´t a day, it is a monster who eats your soul slowly
I hate mondays, it makes all the good things of the weekend look horrible
even more in my case, because all my friends look me like a ghost or something, but well that´s life I guess
I don´t have to much to say: final works, exams, love conflicts (mainly with myself, because I don´t have a gf), and even more problems that I consider them too much personal to post
I just want to talk with someone who can understand me

Fun fact.- I can´t cry, I don´t know why, but I haven´t cried in... 4 years I think, even if I want or I am enough sad :/

do you think I should do a Deviantart account? leave your comments please


2010-05-02 23:10:55 by Hatsu

Hi everyone (the two or three persons who are reading this)
I couldn´t get in the computer these days because my bro was ''studying'' for the university exam
well, not to much to say:
-we have 3 free days in school and thats awesome :D
-I´ve been really stressed because we´re getting closer to the end of school (june 5 or 4), and I have to do some final projects, but it feels really good when you made it
-In the church courses of ''Confirmation'' we have to do 20 hours of service to pass; I have 11 hours and the courses ends in july, so I´ll have to do it all those 9 hours these weeks
-I can´t say to much about personal or familiar problems, but I´m really depressed. I´m just trying to ignore it
-I´m going to go to an anime con the next weekend, YAY!!!! I´m going to get money like a hobo :3
-I´ve been trying to draw more, but always, someting happens that cut my imagination (or my time) and I can´t
take care, I wish you all a wonderful day :)

Creepy new art

2010-04-21 23:10:14 by Hatsu

I need a psychiatrist!!!

Robot issues
Creppy eye


2010-04-17 19:24:17 by Hatsu

just bored
I´m waiting for someone to scout me, but I´m working better... I think


2010-04-12 22:57:05 by Hatsu

Well, I just got back to school today, and it was really boring, nothing new really
Sunday was really lame, but I got something cool: I was in church for some kind of school to confirm ''my faith'' (Confirmation... what a original name), and I saw a stain and then, I don´t know how, I saw some kind of background super cool, almost like something from a Halo game, I saw it and I just simply had to draw it and... well, I draw it, or at least the I drew some doddles
So, I think I´m going to make it better, but in fact I have to say that I drew it in a notebook, but it still looks awesome. I don´t know when it will be done

Oh, and I´m really happy because in school (real school) we´re going to see how to use Flash!!! :D
it´ll be so awesome

well, I hope all of you to have a nice and wonderful week n_n
see ya



sorry nefastlaten

2010-04-03 23:38:43 by Hatsu

the title is just random, I didn´t knew what to write :P
this weekend have been very emotional, I´ve been going to the church a lot and that makes me happy in some way, but... also makes me feel bad (that´s the reason of the last post)
I don´t know, it´s like if all what I think and say it´s wrong or bad
but, it happens all the time for me (hard to explain), so I´m going to feel better in some days :)
so... 1 week of vacations and I haven´t drawn anything, maybe this week :P
see ya

An useless update

2010-04-02 22:12:45 by Hatsu

So... my week have been really horrible
there are to many things that I want to tell you everyone, but my poor knowledge about the english lenguage make it really hard for me, and I really just want to calm down my life
my life isn´t interesting, so I don´t see a purpose to tell you how is it
and, about my drawings, I just want to tell you all: my drawings are a HOBBIE for me, I don´t take it to much serious and it a hobbie which I just do it when I fell like I want to. So, don´t espect pictures from me soon

see ya all